No Plastic in Oceanz is a lifestyle brand increasing awareness and passion for reducing, reusing, and refusing single-use plastics and cleaning up our oceans! All consumers should be aware of the global threat single-use plastics presents to oceans, and understand how their everyday decisions to refuse single-use plastics can make a difference!

Do you know where your plastic waste actually goes for disposal? Do you know the best method to reduce single-use plastic waste is to simply refuse single-use plastic? Redue, Reuse, Refuse single-use plastics! Together we all can make a positive impact and clean up our oceans!

No Plastic in Oceanz uses 25% of all profits are used to support efforts to reduce single-use plastic consumption! 

Spread the word and be the solution!

Reduce, Reuse, Refuse single-use plastics!


No Plastic in Oceanz